You’re So Talented is, without doubt, an intriguing web series that’s worth watching. In Bea, Black millennial women now have a relatable protagonist we can invest in.”, March 27, 2015

Jacobson and Glazer were discovered via the web, as was Rae, and currently there is an untapped well of comedic talent that needs more exposure -- series like Cecile Emeke’s "Ackee and Saltfish" or Sam Bailey’s "You’re So Talented."

Indiewire’s Women and Hollywood, Is There Room for Women of Color in TV Comedy? April 30, 2015

“Bailey's portrayal of Bea is not only honest and true, but powerful, raw and darkly funny. It's no wonder the series was honored at this year's Tribeca Film Festival as part of the N.O.W Project, which recognizes superlative online creators. “

Indiewire’s Women and Hollywood, News and Noteworthy VOD Films and Webseries May 11, 2015